Necessary material for the SSBS courses

You must possess the following material to attend the SSBS courses:
  • SSBS manual (german or french)
  • Board
  • Bindings
  • Boots
  • Snowboard Clothing
  • Tool
  • Board preparation material (wax- and edge sharpening material)

Ordering Snowboard Material

In case of employment, many snowboard schools offer clothing and snowboard material such as boards, boots and bindings for special conditions to their staff. Talk to your technical director to figure out what board is best for you and invest more money in shoes and bindings than in your board. A middle-rate board is not a problem, but bindings and shoes which don't fit perfectly make your life as snowboard instructor difficult. Your feet are strained extremely every day. Very often you see snowboard instructors finishing the season off with pains in their feet.

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